I love this area, have I mentioned that?!

We have come in contact with some of the most beautiful people, here. Their hearts are in the right place, and they love the Lord--member or non-member.

My heart was so full, as I stood up to give my talk on Sunday, because I had tried SO HARD to have the Spirit with me while I was thinking of what to say, and then the Bishop announced in Ward Council, that that was what he was teaching to the Priests and Laurels, etc. But really, even though we had been planning on EIGHT investigators in church, for my talk, and pressure was on, and everyone kept falling through, I looked up from off the stand, and saw a lady we had been working with every week I've been here. She had told us straight up, how she knew the Church was true, and she couldn't tell us enough how important it was to stay with the Church: there was nothing else worth leaving it. She's a less-active member who was struggling to come to church because of family situations, and when I saw her, I started to cry. I couldn't believe she'd come: I love her so much! and to know what kind of a hardship and struggle that was for her, to even be there!? I couldn't believe it!

My talk had a little to do with President Eyring and President Monson's talks in the October General Conference 2010.

I love Conference talks too much. :)

My companion is great--we love getting out and working! We know it's not okay to be able to talk coherently at the end of the night! You've gotta work harder, if you're able to do that!! Haha I think we're exhausted all the time, but it's been a huge amazing growth for everyone involved, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Go to church--you never know who may be praying and rejoicing when you walk in the door.

I love you all too much to say!

Work hard;)

Sister Bothwell

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  1. Sounds like everything is going very, very well for Sister Bothwell! Letters from the Maloney's are on their way this week!

    We ♥ missionaries!!