Oh dear, I dunno how I NEVER have enough time to write!
I got transferred today. Boo. Haha No, it'll be really exciting! I'm back with my MTC companion: Sister Arts, and with a Sister that got transferred in from her mission in Romania: Sister Holman, to be VISITOR'S CENTER SISTERS!!!!!!
Apparently, it's kind of a big deal ;) Haha
We start training on the 22nd, and President Morby said that they just couldn't wait until March 19th to transfer me up to Portland. I'm in the Tigard Second ward, up near Beaverton, and it seems nice... I haven't been home, yet, we just went to email, so I'm excited!
Too bad I could barely fit all of my things in the car: I promised myself I'd never been like that. Oh, well, Spriiiiing's on it's waaaayyy!! Haha
And so Spring cleaning! ;)
We had a baptism, yesterday, and over a hundred people attended, we're pretty sure. This little lady had been waiting since August to get baptized, so the whole ward knew and supported her: it was fantastic! I played the piano, and only messed up...like seven times. Haha. It was great, and a couple investigators from other wards came: it was so cool to see them there; people who were on the cusp of baptism themselves! One lady was so overwhelmed when they confirmed the girl, that she was crying! I like to think she just couldn't wait :)
In other news, my Zone leader, Elder Taylor got called as Assistant! We knew it all along, he's such a gem. What makes a good missionary is how trustworthy and close the Spirit they are. I always strive for those things!
We hiked Silver Falls with a family on Monday? I don't remember if I'd mentioned it, but it was so fun to be on like a family outing!
I've told everyone from my last ward/area that they are to come visit me! It's supposed to be a beautiful Visitor's Center, and I can't wait!
We'll see how this next week goes, but it's started out eventful already: Sister Arts is pretty much super sick, and there's a baptism on Saturday! ;)
Adventures, adventures!
Thanks for all the support! This new area doesn't know what hit 'em, with three fabulous sister missionaries, such as ourselves. ;) So, if you hear about anyone getting translated...;) jokes! Hahah
I love you all!
Sister Bothwell

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