Our investigator's getting baptized!!!!!!!

We did not see this one coming, but it's happening now! And sometimes, those are the sweetest. She's going to sing a song she wrote at her baptism, and is on-fire with having us talk to her brother, and baptizing her friend, who is deceased. She rocks. :) We've discussed a lot of things in a short period of time, aka the whole gospel in two lessons, even though we've been meeting with her for over eight weeks. She's the one we've been singing with... :) who all of the sudden decided to rock the gospel...ah hahaha.
We're also teaching a 93 yr old woman from Great Britain, who has really good stories, but we've never really been able to get a word in edgewise. Honestly, we didn't try our hardest, because, for myself, at least, I was afraid she'd get angry at us in her sweet British accent, and schoolteacher voice. . . But! There's a quote in Preach My Gospel, by President Eyring, I think, who says that, if we pay attention, there WILL be something we can teach, in the things they say. I tried really hard to listen for something, last time, and it happened. It kind of went like this,
"Busy and I used to do everything together, but I haven't heard from her in a long time, maybe she's not even with us, anymore."
"So, what do you believe about death?"
It sounds abrupt, haah oh, dear. But it went well. Her heart was open, and when people's hearts are open, that's when the Spirit can work on them. Working with people who's hearts aren't open...doesn't work. The Spirit has to be working on their perspectives.  
We've been dealing with a lot of drama from a situation with one of our investigators with her member friend, and all I have to say is, "AH, DRAMA!" This member has been telling our investigator that if she messes up at all or anything akin, that the member will stop being friends with her. Yipes. Not the best things, going on, but this investigator has such a desire to be with her 9 mos old son that died-- she's having a difficult time, but we're pretty sure that as she's being worked with, she'll survive/come out on top!
We didn't get to go to the zoo, though. Bummers.
Ah! Our investigators were chilling at the Ward Game Night! and having a BLAST. That, is a blessing to see, and makes our hearts sing! :) They are so cute, and all they want is to know if this Gospel is the truth, and they want to be closer to it! The one investigator who came to all the things last week, he knows it's true. We had a lesson with him, and discussed with him how the answer he was seeking, may have already come in the form of good feelings as he read and prayed to know if the Book of Mormon really is the word of God. He said he feels good while reading it, and we said maybe that's your answer, since God wouldn't send the Holy Ghost to testify of truth, and have you have those good feelings, if it weren't true.
yes? yes.
All the people we've been working with, have been dropping off the face of the planet, but somehow we seem to keep ridiculously busy.
There was/is this mysterious scratch on our car, but we car-share, and neither companionship will fess up to having done it, but that's okay, cause it meant we got to go to the Auto Body Shop and they cleaned it, which was cool, but cooler!!! They gave us car paint. Booyah. It's Chevy Malibu Gold. Holl-ah. The Spirit has been so strong in our lessons, and I know this baptism is a blessing, but SO NOT OURS. Most def the Lord's.
I love you all, and hope you're doing so well!
Sister Bothwell


Week 18

"Ironically, it sometimes takes hard work to find wholesome leisure." D. Todd
"Don't delay: it's getting late." Elder Holland
"It is not possible for you to sink further than the light of God can reach."
"That proved more than ever that mortals will struggle with the possible glory before them."
"The Lord of the vineyard still stands beckoning." Elder Holland
Googma , <3
Sister Bothwell


Week 17!

This week was a week of non-stop miracles. The days would start out pretty normal, and then by the end of one day, we'd seen five or six miracles.
I think it was two? days ago? We were looking to drop off a Book of Mormon, and ended up in the wrong apartment building. That particular apartment building, also held someone who had expressed interest in learning more, but because of some rough times, we had never made it over there. Also, we couldn't get a hold of her. Long story short: I just say, let's stop by, she immediately opens the door, and says she almost got baptized in Cancun. Okay, yes, please. I love it when people want to learn. When I see the world open up for them in such a larger way--they're not limited by the hard situations they're in, they're free to have happier lives, if they choose to accept and act upon their testimonies of the Gospel.
The other night, we were going to stop by and deliver that same Book of Mormon because we had time; (a lesson had cancelled--I was really bummed), but as we got into the parking lot, a member called to give us some recipes, (Cafe Rio pork barbacoa, being one of them, mmmm, yummmmy), so we almost didn't go, again, because we had a lesson in fifteen minutes. But, instead, we just ran really really fast, up a thirty-forty percent incline hill, and made it! The lady answered the door, crying; we were just verklempt, and didn't know what to do. We comforted her as much as we could in a brief moment, and even though we didn't know the situation. It was a testimony builder-- what if we hadn't been there for that brief moment of comfort?! Sister Holman said as we left that it was Satan tempting her with a lack of time.
This week has literally been incredible. Every day I wake up, expecting a normal day, and go to bed so full of happiness and the Spirit from the experiences and lives we've caught a glimpse of.
We had the chance to see some phenomenal people this week, and I was inspired and uplifted as they shared their talents with us. These two people our age, and their mother, had all gone a different direction musically, and I could've sat and listened to them all day: they were wonderful people; I loved them!
I'm learning MORE AND MORE, that I need to reserve judgment on every/anyone I meet. The boy our age was huge: Tall and red-bearded, two lip piercings, and cut-off shorts with a plaid shirt. He played the guitar like no one I think I will ever have the privilege to meet. It was just... mind-bloggling. As missionaries, we don't judge, but this was a definite "gentle reminder," as my mom would say.
WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR BEAR HER TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!! Yieup. She got up in front of the entire congregation and said she had held onto her faith in Christ, even as things in her life had been really hard. She said she wouldn't go into detail, but... etc. When she told my companion about it, later, she said she had had so many things, in detail she'd wanted to say, but it was funny/weird, when she'd gotten up to say them, she'd forgotten them.
We went to the beach, today, and loved it, of course!
We're having so many people to teach and learn from, that we are going going going. And, we're taking care of a cat. Don't ask, haha.
I love you all!!!!!!!!!
Sister Bothwell