Week number...... A lot.

I am sitting in the Tigard library and we're about to go to the Columbia Employee store, so we're all sups excited. We've had the most amazing experiences this week, as we all work together in this trio. It's so different in every area: the focus of the ward, the support of the ward, the focus of the gospel and things!
This companionship focuses very highly on placing copies of the Book of Mormon. We know the Spirit reading the Book of Mormon can bring, and relish in touching future generations as they "find" these books, in their aunts',uncles', and parents' and grandparents' houses. I placed my first Book of Mormon, and it was the most incredible feeling! OF COURSE I didn't get his number...but I did ask him if he lived around there... bahaha. We offered him the book, and he said, "A book to read, for free!?" YIEUP! I know he'll read it and love it, because I've read it and loved it. I ALWAYS test my feelings about the Book of Mormon. As I read, I try and keep my mind and heart open to see how I feel as I read--as though I were someone reading it for the first time--and let's be honest, it's only my third, maybe fourth time reading it, so that's not hard to imagine. ALWAYS, the feeling comes that this cannot possibly be of man. It is of God. Jesus Christ came to the Americas and preached His Gospel. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book of scripture-- these aren't just nice things--they're important, even vital to our Eternal Salvation.
This week, Sora Holman decorated my planner for me. It's ever so cute and matchy with theirs. I like this area all right. I think I'm growing to love it, as I see all the amazing amount of people that are prepared for the Gospel! I've never seen so many people wanting and prepared and ready to learn, and searching themselves for the answers, with huge knowledge of the Bible. If the Book is true, then our church is the only true church with the proper authority from God, and that's a reason we ask people to read it. Something I don't think I really understood before.
We had a baptism! He had mapped out everything he was going to say for his interview, and got up and shared his testimony....Unfortunately, I forgot it in the car...oops...
but it was wonderful, and brought tears to my eyes as he read it. His family were all very less-active members of the church, and there was a part in his testimony when he talks about how heart-broken he was that he never heard the message of the Restoration of the Gospel, before. But he believes it was for a reason and strengthens his faith by what he had to go through.
As people who are not of our faith come to understand the Restoration of the Gospel and its vitality, my own testimony or knowledge of this truth and its real importance, is made ever stronger.
OH! Guess what?!
I'm terribly excited for the Visitor's Center to open the 25th, and for the days to get lighter, faster!
(get the fries out sooner and cook them longer.;)
I love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
thanks for all the support! I pray you are safe!
Sister Bothwell:)

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