On the road, again. I can't wait to get on the road, again. blah de blah de blah de blah de blah, I can't wait to get on the road, again.
SOoooooooo. I'm now full-time proselyting. Adios, VC, Hola RAINER, OREGON. um, we have a beautiful view of the Columbia River to see out the window, and while driving. Our area is forty minutes wide? My last area was fifteen minutes wide? maybe ten?
I'm grateful for inspriration. Oh, and for gel-sole boot inserts. Yummy on my feet. Oh-kay, well, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep yesterday. My companion is so sweet! We got to know each other and everything. She's from Virginia, nearing 24, and her name is Sister Horne. Funny story, we have alllll the same missionary-type instincts and habits. Pray before you leave, pray before you get outta the car, working on asking good questions to bring the Spirit. Oh, and exact obedience. Turns out she's into that, as well. It's funny, because I've really just learned over my mission, if someone is obedient, I trust them completely, because I like consistency. If you break the rules, or there are exceptions to things at any point, no! Oh, and now there are sisters in Seaside! I was told that would never happen! Sister o-Farrell, Sister Knight and I all went full-time proselyting, and Sisters Arts, Piggott, and Poulson are training. Sister Holman and Sister Baker are together in the Visitors' Center. Oh, the Hermanas that came in to be trained at the VC are so precious! They are both hispanic: Elder Johnston will be thrilled-- he was the only one who spoke Spanish for the past nine months. bahaha. Oh, and it was my birthday, and SIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX people came to church, that I love. welp. I love everyone. Obviously. But these in particular. We--well, Sisters Poulson and Quijida are teaching two full Marshallese families, and several Chuukese, and our recent converts got callings and sustained to the Priesthood! They now have the even more ability to bless the lives of their family members-- all of their respective familiy members are very super interested in the church and following the example of Jesus Christ. I'm going to miss those cute little peoples and the Spirit I felt so strongly while teaching them with my companion. I've now moved on to something totally different, and that's exciting in and of itself. My life has been blessed, the more I follow the Spirit and come closer to Christ by being OBEDIENT. and I'm grateful that that can continue in this area. I don't know much about it, but I am kind of REALLY PUMPED, because there are so many things to be grateful for and small mercies in every activity. Last night, we got our door bell rung and banged on but no one broke in, so PERFect. :D
Oh, and I have a lot of stuff... so Bothwell family, there are a lot of things headed your way. Potentially seashells, but maybe not. It's beautiful here: I've so missed the rain! Ah! and now, I get to back up the car, in the middle of the road. I've missed it! haha The ward seems fantastic from those I've seen. :D and our apartment is warm and toasty :D Personal Study was good this morning: I remembered how it was in Meridian Park, and it was sweet, because it's not as though the church changes anywhere you go, very much.
 The exact same things that comforted me in Tualatin, comforted me this morning. And it's like going off to college: you get to finally change for good, habits that you've been working on changing, and become the fantastic person God intends. cool, cool, cool.
Welp, I love you all, and had a WONDERFUL birthday: thank you for your prayers and support!!!
Googma, Sister Bothwell

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