Welp, we had transfers today, and my companion got transferred! She was so ready to go, she packed her bags a week and a half ago. If she hadn't been transferred (b/c we don't get the calls until two days before they happen,) she was just going to unpack, but how silly is that!? We (the Meridian Park & Lake Oswego Sisters) were in the Vcenter together the night of transfer calls, and out of the eight sisters in the vcenter, two--one from each of our ^ companionship's, were getting transferred. So, hullo, we thought we knew exactly where they were going to go! To each other! haha did that make any sense?! ;) We loved each other already, so it's fantastic. Maybe she'll get my butt running in the morning!!! My companion's name is Sister PoulsOn, and she is from the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake, Utah. She's cute and blond, and a powerhouse missionary!!! I'm super excited to see our *new area EXPLODE!!! :) We went food shopping today, as our first companion activity, and I bought the most junk food I've ever bought (we had a joint account). She bought the least. ;) bahaha. Our area's on fire, and all we need to do is feed the flames. I'm excited to get to know her even better, and help the cute little greenies that are now in our district! One is from Australia, and the other is an Elder...so I dunno. We had an Elder at transfers--the ELEVENTH OF SEVENTEEN. I mean, yeah. Woo. Everyone and their kids needs to go to lds.org, and find the talk "Seven Lessons on Sharing the Gospel", by Elder Clayton M. Christensen. HAHAHAHAH OH MAYNE-- I'm driving. . . Yieup, that's right, you're looking at the newest member of the Senior Comp(anion) club. Woot. I'm freakin'. out. death. But it's cool. The haha's were because I drove out stylin', with the LO sisters and my companion, while blastinggg the Lion King-- "Circle of Life" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The only peeps we can listen to, here. Every missionary at transfers heard us drive away; it was phenomenal. .. and then, we got a text from the Assistants to the President. "Nice music, sisters", it said,"but not approved, unless it was by the Mo-Tab." "Ahh, we're not breaking the rules!!!", my companion texts back. "We didn't think so, but we got asked, so we responded."-they wrote back. Whoopsie. ;) I'm really so intimidated by Sister Poulson, but I know we're going to get along, swimmingly: anyone who obeys the rules with exactness, gets along with anyone else who does. . . I just hope I can live up to her awesomeness. Did I mention she's really great? Yieup. ;)
Don't worry-- I'll make sure she's tasted grits by the end of this! ;) I can't believe I'm the Senior companion. I have to make sure things happen, now! And write things down! yipes. Oh, and ask people for things/be bold. It'll be a kicker, but I'm sure we can handle it, as a team!!!!! Did I mention I'm driving? ha ;) 

I was reminded why I don't miss dating this week-- Good thing I've dodged that bullet. ;)
jokes! hahah
I love you all so much and can't wait to hear about your lives!
Now write me ;)
Sister Bothwell
ps. Just so y'all know, I think about you often, and pray for you. Let me know how you're doing, and I can petition the Lord for ya. We're close. ;) <3