You want to know what's gross? Growth. It just keeps happening, no matter how hard you try to stop it! ;)

An amazing quote this week: "Understanding breaks the barriers that come between us- we can accept people's faults and lack of understanding better, because of [our] understanding."

It is amazing what can be accomplished when we are in line with the Lord-- when the Spirit is with us, and we treat this mission as a sacred time for joy, and peace, teaching our Father's children about His kingdom in Heaven and on Earth.

There were so many huge events that happened this week, I can't even begin!

First, thank you for all your support and letters: I love you, and them!!! :)

WE HAD A BAPTISM! That's what the angels in Heaven said when our investigator got baptized on Saturday! He then prepared to, and received the Priesthood-- the Authority from God, to act in His name for the laying on of hands-- yesterday! He is an amazing person: as I teach him about the Priesthood, I realize it's so simple, but such a HUGE responsibility! I am now further impressed by the deacons, teachers, etc. who keep worthy to fulfill their callings and help with the Sacrament! God has SO MUCH trust in US!!!!!!! Think of all the hard callings you've ever had. We were trying to teach our recent convert what a calling was, and the more I talked, the more amazed I was that we run such HUGE things! I mean, hullo-- Stake Girls' Camp?! or A Bishop who has stewardship over (so the welfare: clothes, food, spiritual, emotional, family stuffs,) ALL THE WARD BOUNDARIES?! or the Relief Society President!? over all the women?! (that's much harder, I think, ;)

We had a man/boy we were teaching, and he was very contentious about the Bible/Book of Mormon. He had to say that if the Book of Mormon were true, it would have some prophecy that would/could be backed by history, and names and facts. All par for the course, but it was getting so frustrating, because he won't read and pray about it. We believe, and know that God is the author of all truth, no? Then WHO'S GONNA BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WHAT'S TRUE?!

God. hullo.

But, it's understandable. As so many things are, that hurt my heart to hear. I looked him straight in the eye, and told him that I loved my family and I fully wanted to be with them for all of eternity, and I would NEVER base my life on anything that would lead me away from that. ever. How could I/ we/ you risk eternity with your family on some false prophet. church. gospel. I loved my family far more than that.

And then I had a moment of panic at the end of these statements. How could I say I knew these things were true?

I have an undeniable witness that these things are true. And it matters that they're true, because how could we risk living life the wrong way. I'm sorry I don't have physical backing, I'm sorry I can't prove these things are true.

But I'm also sorry I'm not sorry. Because I know it, and God knows it, and I can't deny these things, and that's what keeps me going: that's why I stay here and reach out to people who don't know, and have these horrible,  amazing, horrendous, uplifting,

Spiritual experiences. Because I expect to see all of y'all in heaven.

All my love in the Gospel,

Sister Bothwell


ps. as a side note: never ever ever ever ever ever ever get pizza that's gluten and lactose free. just. don't. do. it.

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