this week has been amazing, and I barely have time to write.

So I'll say some important things I learned:

Alma talks about his brethren in Christ and how when he met up with them, again, he was happy to meet up with them, and that they were well, but most importantly, that they were his brethren in Christ, still.

Today, I realized, as I was trying to help an investigator resolve her concerns about coming to church, that Church is an opportunity to come closer to Christ. Not an obligation. I feel like now, I could do whatever I want, but I KNOW that the truth can be found in this church, and the cornerstone of the Church is Christ. As it is his church.

I got bit by a pitbull....it's fine. ;) more funny really. :)

and we have a bunch of people were teaching that I learn more from than I think they realize.

I love you all! Stay my "brethren in the Gospel"!!!!!!!


Sister Bothwell

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  1. Sounds like you are doing really well, all except for the pit bull bite! I miss having my has pumped for me and no sales tax in Oregon! I do miss the people of the northwest and the beautiful Portland temple. Continue your good work doing the Lords will.