Hamiltons, Danny O'Neal, Taylor,  Keith, Mt. Hood.
We saw some incredible miracles. we're now about to start working with a man and his family, and they're from the Marshall Islands. My companion and our member friend thought I was making it up when I said, "oh, so you speak Marshallese?" Hahah. An even bigger language barrier than our Chuukese friend, who's getting baptized on the 29th at 11:30. Then another one at 2pm. YAY for them!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO HAPPY. Seriously. Anyway, our Marshallese friend was BLOWN AWAY by the Restoration DVD. If y'all have one, you should watch it :) They come with probably close to 30 languages that you can subtitle or dub over. Unfortunately, Marshallese isn't one of them. Sister Poulson has had bites all over her legs for a couple weeks, now, we don't know why, but washed all the sheets... But she was picking at her leg just before our first lesson with him, and then all of the sudden, during the lesson, she's bleeding all over the place, and I have nothing but a POST-IT! bahaha. eye roll. I knew the gift of tongues was real--in regard to the Spirit helping the people we're teaching understand what we we're trying to convey! So, we did our best to speak slowly and carefully and clearly, and he loved it. It was so cool to see him love it. haha hard to describe. :)
There are some members in our ward who have a son about 12? He has a "special friend" who came to the VCenter and really felt the Spirit. She even confessed to their son that she cried on occasion. It's so cool to see the family really rally around her and really love her and know how much the Gospel will bless her life. I love the Gospel. The most important thing to realize is that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we really can be clean. Elder David A. Bednar has a good talk that was also spoken on in our sacrament meeting yesterday called (I think) "The Atonement." It's about the enabling and strengthening power of the Atonement, as well as its cleansing power.
Never underestimate the power of example. This girl, another family we're working with to help come back to church, and our Relief Society first (?) counselor all became interested in the Gospel because of example. So don't be worried if it doesn't happen now. People will love you and give the church the time of day, when it comes down to it :)
Mucho Gusto Love-o,
Sister Bothwell  ;)

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