Welp, I'll just write a couple sentences.
The Gift of Tongues is real. We've been teaching this Chuukese guy, and we Should Not have been able to teach him for all intents and purposes. But, he's getting baptized on the 19th.  And, Another investigator is as well. All of the people we're teaching are progressing so well! And, we continue to find when we teach and teach when we find, because we want to continue to work our hardest and not have our people run out. I love this area, and the adventures, and hope that're rampant around here. We love the people we're working with, and if you could pray for them, I KNOW that the power of faith and prayer works. I've literally had too many times where I've experimented with God and He's always there/come through for me. I love my mission, and am so excited for the trust God places in me to be able to help these people. It's really my companion, though: she carries our companionship :)  Haha, but reals.
I love you all, and hope you're reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily, because that's really the only way to stay strong. Also, go to church. I've really, really, really seen some happy people as they change to become closer and more like Christ.
Googma, Sister Bothwell

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