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This week in Sports: the Lord took over. The Visitors' Center has been taking up A LOT of our time...in a good way! But it's forty+ hours a week. with how much we study and eat during the day, that wasn't leaving a lot of time left over to, ya know, go out and invite people to learn. So, we got creative :) And went on splits (a member comes, and we go two and two) for several hours, this week. Bumping up by double, most times, what we were being able to do before. :)

The Visitors' Center? Well, It's fantastic, of course. Not of course, because I didn't really know a Visitors' Center could be fantastic, or really what could happen, or what it entails. It can be a place of inspiration, and bring the Spirit really strongly. I probably didn't really understand what a Visitors' Center could do, until I watched a lady stay at the Book of Mormon exhibit for thirty minutes, reading along with the videos in the book provided. She was a member, and maybe someone else wouldn't have been as reached by it, but she was, and many people consistently are. It's really incredible to watch.

The Lord has really blessed us for working our hardest in the Visitors' Center, and I love it. It's a huge perspective check when we spend almost no time outside the Center, and then get two new people who want to learn, in one day. Perspective check that it's not through any effort of my own, that people are open or prepared. I knew that, but it really hit home yesterday when these two girls were excited about the Gospel! 

You'd think I'd get bored of the Gospel displays, about Jesus Chris and the Special Witnesses of Christ, and the temples, and the Christus, but it keeps being trues...crazy. ;)

Bahahaha, so funnnnnnyyy story: There's a temple geography quiz, that anyone can take, on a touch screen "Temples Around the World" exhibit. Well, when we missionaries have down time, we take it, and study up on it, and things. There was a guy "Joey" who asked one time, "What's the High Score?" welp, seeing as we didn't have one recorded, he was IT! haha so then the other sister missionaries (Sisters Baker and Holman), upped their game. Sister Holman had the outstanding high score of 29500, with Sister Baker not far behind (29434). President Morby and his wife, along with all the Zone leaders (district=8 missionaries; Zone=24-30 missionaries) came in to do training, and then had conferences with the missionaries. Long story short: after much hustling and bustling, and some stunning accuracy, Elder Blanchard--one of the Assistants to the President, got 29800 and was SUPREMEMEMEMLy proud of it ;) haha so funny. We had a friend there that we were teaching, and we wanted to show her the game-- we thought she'd do well at it. She didn't really care, or didn't really catch the hang of it, and so I jumped in, after some major bad plays, and started teaching her how the game went. I said, "Anytime you wanna jump in, that'd be great: this is YOur game! haha", but I keep going, and KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With 41326. if I could all-caps numbers, I would ;)

oh, and then this guy named "Ian" came in, and got 71124.


Major <3 to all y'all!

Sister Bothwell

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