Dec 24th

Oh DEAR. I have a lot to say today: hopefully I'll get to everything!
We went to temple square Wednesday morning and got a tour from some Sister missionaries there. I can't even explain, but the spirit was so strong there. Just while we were walking about! They would bear simple testimony and the Spirit would just like woosh in. Crazy. We saw this presentation on How the Gospel Blesses Families. It's this progressive set of videos following the life of this family. I thought of Natalie because she would've liked the part when the Granddaughter is talking to the Grandma and she says, "Grandma, why are your hands so wrinkly?" Grandma: "Because Grandpa holds them so much!" :") It was all kinda cute like that, until the end when the oldest daughter gets married and her Mom, Dad, and Grandma have a small flashback to the scenes you've seen them all have individually with her, throughout the video. I was sobbing, of course, the whole time. I learned very quickly that when my heart is softened, it doesn't take much to set me off. Stinks. Haha but I've only cried out of sadness once here...um, where was I going with that?!? Regardless, I really suggest mi familia go to that little presentation. Pretty sure Dad would love it.
While we were at Temple Square, Brother Kay(e), the director guy over all the visitors' centers around the world (couldn't have been more than thirty), came and spoke to us for thirty minutes? or thereabouts. He told my companions and me all the information we wanted to know about OUR visitors' center: including the fact that it doesn't open until the 24th of February, but when it does, the open house should be crazy. Hopefully. That's just something we inferred, but we're excited. So so so excited. ;) The VC, as we on the inside like to call it (probably so no one has to deal with those pesky apostrophes...) is very verry verryy small, however. One companionship at a time, is present, as well as the director, or something. We're the second transfer of Sister missionaries to go out with training, but no idea what ramifications that will have... OH WELL! At least we know something, haha. :)
Our VC training started Wednesday and so Monday's class was torture. Or we thought it would be, as there was no one there but us, and one other Elder (Mcnamara) in class. As opposed to 8 of us, previously. We ended up all having really good experiences that night at class.
But VC training? You can't even compare. All they do is build you up, tell you how amazing VCs are, (the statistic we heard from Brother Kaye was: 3/4 of all the Church's baptisms come from something related to VCs.
And then we practice.
They say VC missionaries don't do real missions, but I would like you to all experiment walking up to a complete stranger that wanders into your home and discern their needs while giving them a gospel lesson, in sometimes fewer than five minutes.
That's how come we're sups specials ;)
Our teachers told the best stories I've heard yet. (Except for the time Brother Hatch told us about this  really old lady they had to lower into the water, and she decided to start screaming when they were half way. It was an awfullly funny story. :(ahha)
Ohkay, ohkay, no one freak out with happiness, but
 we got to go on Mormon.org chat the other day (Thursday?) and it was beautiful.
They have a feature on Mormon.org, that lets you chat with a missionary, alll over the world, in different languages, and we were those missionaries for like two seconds. Coo Coo.
It's nice to be able to prep while they're typing, and you do it with a companionship, more often than not, so you can talk to each other and collect your thoughts, instead of yelling. My faux-companion still got a little frustrated, but you know what I've learned?
God has prepared people, and if the people we're talking to aren't ready, it doesn't matter, because there are people out there who are.
The coolest part for the Church, was that you can't be under 18 to chat or talk with us: you have to give us your phone number and then we'll call your parents, and ask if it's alright.
I knew I wouldn't have time to tell you all about it, but find Lisa Farren, Alpharetta Ward, and ask her how I'm doing, cause she, my other faux companion and I had a good time talking, that's all :)
It was nice. And simple, but luckily, not my thing. Lucky, cause I'm not going there. 
It's all been really great, and I can't wait for the field. I think. Difficult to say, but here I go :)
I'll be doing the same, calling that morning before 8, as that's when our flight leaves, and after six, cause that's about when we get there.
 And have an especially Christ-centered Christmas this year, for me, would you? :)
I loved all the presents, and HECK NO did we share those cinnamon rolls with the Elders. There were six of us in the room. and don't worrry, I ate like four. bahaha. :) 
Sister Bothwell!

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